Dr. Raul Alonso, MD

Board Certified Cardiologist

Dr. Alonso arrived from Cuba to the United States at the age of three. He soon realized throughout his early academic career that there were many opportunities in the US that were not in Cuba, so he learned to embrace them.

While in high school, he also went to trade school so as to better himself. He repaired aircraft for over 10 years. His love of physics and the desire to know how things worked and moved eventually grew into a love of medicine. During these years as an airplane mechanic, he decided that he wanted something challenging that could really make a difference in the lives of others as well.

He graduated from the prestigious University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry. He then completed my medical school training back home at the University of Miami. Dr. Alonso then completed his internal medicine training at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He practiced as an internist for two years but felt that he wanted more. He then went on to complete a cardiology fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Currently, he has a thriving private practice with both office and hospital patients. He is the beloved program director for Palmetto General Hospital’s cardiology fellowship program. He thoroughly enjoys training other physicians to love the art of cardiology as much as he does. Dr. Alonso strives to continue to give the most up-to-date cardiac care possible with the compassion and empathy that all patients deserve.